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Our Pup Balms are 100% Natural and safe for licking.  They are made with lovely butters and oils and high quality essential oils.  They are pawfect for using anywhere on your pup that may need some TLC.  The oils used  are nature’s remedy and are full of healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

They are anti-fungal and are great for soothing and moisturising.

Choose our Soothing Balm for minor cuts or grazes, hotspots, sore spots,

troublesome insect bites and stings. It can be used to sooth tired paws and dry or cracked noses, and also help to sooth dry and crusty ears, skin fold problems and itchy/irritated skin.

Choose our Moisturising Balm for preventing and moisturising sore and cracked paws,  your pup's dry or cracked nose, elbow calluses and any hotspots.

It can also be used to prevent and moisturise dry and cracked ears.  

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