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The Story Behind
P A W F E C T  P U P

Eco-Friendly, Sustainably Sourced, Cruelty Free, Innovative

Welcome to   P A W F E C T   P U P

Hello and nice to meet you

P A W F E C T  P U P  is a micro business that I run from my home kitchen.

My name is Carol and I have a huge love of animals and nature and particularly dogs!  

I am lucky enough to live in The New Forest in Hampshire where I have set up 

P A W F E C T  P U P  Headquarters.

My journey started when I set up this business with my two dogs  (Arthur & Simba)  having been a stay at home mum for many years.  I have two children and one of them has autism and special needs.  I really wanted to get back to work after so many years caring for my children and to have some focus on something other than being a house mum and

a care giver.  It was then that Pawfect Pup was created!


I started Pawfect Pup from my kitchen table, researching extensively how to deliver luxury grooming products, which are kind to you, your dog and the planet, without the harsh

detergents and chemicals that are found in a lot of other brands .

I have always loved essential oils and the benefits they provide whilst being natural, pure and simple, but the thing I love best about essential oils, is that my dogs love them too.

We all love our dogs and want them to live long, healthy and happy lives. 

You have probably heard that essential oils can be used to help care for your dog more naturally, but where do you start?  It was this that drove me to creating Pawfect Pup. 

Essential oils can allow you to care for your pup safely and easily, keeping your pup clean and happy without using synthetic detergents and chemicals.  Aromatics are also great for your pups well-being.  My grooming products are kind to skin and fur, and delicately fragranced with Natural Oils, so you’ll find them just as soothing as your pup does!

I wanted to bring a salon luxury grooming experience in to the home using High Quality, 

100% Natural and Organic Grooming Products that are suitable for the most sensitive of souls and skins. I have developed products that are natural and simple but get great results. I looked for and experimented with high quality Natural Ingredients that have not been developed in laboratories to create the products you see here.

I hope you love them as much as we do!

I do have a few helpers :

Arthur is our Beagle and very, very food orientated.  Arthur is a cheerful and affectionate boy and loves company. Arthur is true to his breed and he loves nothing more than rolling in anything mucky and smelly.  With daily walks Arthur gets into anything and everything and I wanted something to be able to clean him off afterwards , and also help with the smell.  I was not keen on using chemicals on his coat and skin so I experimented and developed the products you see on the website today. My products are great for all these things and ensure Arthur has a good clean and a  lovely smelling coat after a good bath! My Shampoo Soap Bars are pawfect for Arthur, they smell gorgeous and lather up beautifully.  

The Dry Shampoo works  great when time is short.

Simba is our Cockapoo.  Simba loves affection and cuddles and is very high maintenance as you would expect of a Cockapoo.  Being a small dog with a thick coat he gets very mucky on his walks.  Nothing fazes him and he will chase after birds and return with half a bush in his coat!  Simba loves to be fussed over and enjoys a good rub in the bath with our Shampoo Soap Bar and our products work great on his curly, wavy fur.  Being a bit of a diva Simba loves a relaxing paw massage after his blow dry using one of our Balms.  Simba seems to enjoy the lavender aromas as do I.  We always spritz Simba with our Cologne Spray for that ‘just out the grooming salon’ finish.  



Freddy is my sister's very large Labradoodle! Freddy is a very much loved member of the extended family.  We love to see him and make a fuss of him.  He loves a good bath and with the size of our Shampoo Soap Bars, he has a good few washes out of them.  

As he loves a good swim when out in the forest, the Dry Shampoo after a good towel dry makes him smell great as he curls up with the family.  P A W F E C T   P U P  products are gentle on your pup, you and the environment and are suitable even for the most sensitive skins. It will cleanse and shine the coats of all breeds, from pups to seniors and it's especially good for those that suffer from allergies due to its

plant derived and Natural Ingredients. 

So Now You've Met Us,

Here Is What We Are About

Eco-Friendly. I found that most dog grooming products utilised a large amount of plastics which would generally end up in landfill or the World's Oceans.  Use of plastics is everywhere and in the UK alone a staggering 13 billion plastic bottles are used per year with over 7.5 billion of these ending up in landfill.  As for chemicals, I wanted to find natural, environmentally friendly products to protect my dogs and the waterways and oceans from chemicals in waste water.  It was difficult to find these and certainly not in a variety of differing scents that I could find to suit the individual characters of my pups.  I  use glass and aluminium as well as other materials and packaging that can either be recycled or reused.

Sustainably Sourced.  All of the product ingredients, packaging and production have sustainability at the core with research undertaken to ascertain that the origin of these are sustainable, ethical and are not supporting issues such as modern slavery or exploitation.  I source from small businesses where I can.

Cruelty Free​.  For some time I had been concerned at the high use chemicals in grooming products as well as in other areas of everyday life.  For my dogs mental health and wellbeing I like to keep them looking and feeling good as well as smelling nice, but I did not like using chemicals on my dogs.   I looked for and experimented with Natural Ingredients that have not been developed in laboratories, creating the products you see here.


Innovative.  I am developing products all the time, experimenting with scents and applications to provide a true alternative to mainstream big business products and to visiting expensive grooming parlours.

All of my products are Handmade in my kitchen in The New Forest and I take great pride in what I do.  

I am really driven to ensure excellent customer focused service and care for my clients, both of the furry and the human kind!

I will always strive to make sure you are nothing but happy with your experiences with 

P A W F E C T   P U P  and it's products!  If you’re not, please let me know and I will do my best to help.

I am committed to innovating with my customers every step of the way in order to provide the best products and service possible.  

I value your feedback, so if you have something in mind that I don’t yet provide or could do better in, I would love to hear about it!

Thank you for reading about us and I hope yourself and your pup love our products.

With Love   

Carol xxx

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